Why I Endorsed Bette Obi In The Forthcoming Elections – Ex-Commissioner For Works

In the last few days, the atmosphere is becoming toxic with political calculations, consultations and evangelism. The most recent is the formidable  *Team Hon Bette Obi,*

Bette Obi who is the flag bearer of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in the forthcoming elections vying to represent the good people of Boki 1 in the House of Assembly.

In a Condolence visit to Engr. Engr. Dane Osim Asu in his hometown “Biakwan Community, Boki LGA” to console him  respect to the demise of his Uncle (Chief. Columbus Agbor).

Engr. Dane Osim Asu who was the former Commissioner for Works, Cross River State expressed how honored and delighted he was seeing *Team Bette Obi* in an event such as this.

On the occasion of this visit, Engr. Dane Osim Asu introduced Hon. Bette Obi to his Chiefs, youth, and other dignitaries declaring total support for him.
In his words, he said

“In all my years as a politician, I have never seen a loyal politician with a high sense of humility like Hon. Bette Obi. I can’t leave a loyal son to support that who is not loyal. I have tested and trusted Bette Obi’s loyalty and I will never abuse it. I hereby urge all my supporters, friends, and family to throw all their support to Hon. Bette Obi for only he can lead the good people of Boki 1 to a better place. Give Bette Obi your votes and you won’t regret it. God bless you all”.

In the same vein, Mrs. Dane (The First Lady to Engr. Dane Osim) equally expressed how excited she was to see Bette and his Team in her home.
Following her words,

“I’m so Agog and I want to thank Hon. Bette Obi for all the good things he has been doing to the people of Boki 1 and Boki LGA at large. So the saying goes that, _when the righteous are in power, the people rejoice.  A vote for Hon. Bette Obi is a vote that would change the narratives of Boki 1 state constituency. Don’t waste your vote. Always think Bette Obi. Thanks and God bless you all”

Finally, The Royal Council (Chiefs) of the Biakwan Community, poured out libations of blessings to Honorable Bette Obi, wishing him success in the forthcoming Elections.
The Youths and the women ended up chanting songs of praise to Hon. Bette Obi. _(Follow who know road O!!! Bette Obi)_

It all turned into greater jubilation as everyone went domestic with much agog.

Interesting period ahead as the people awaits patiently to cast their votes in the right direction.

Hon Bette was the former Special adviser to the Governor of Cross River State on Afforestation, Former Chairman Forestry Commission, Cross River State and a former Boki LGA Chapter Chairman.

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