Why I Cannot Remove The National Chairman – Atiku

The presidential candidate of the People Democratic Party, PDP said the call for resignation or removal from office of the PDP national chairman, Iyorcha Ayu is not in his position to decide.

“The decision for Dr. Iyorchia Ayu to resign from office is personal to Dr. Ayu, neither me nor anyone else can make that decision for him.”

On Ayu’s resignation call, i will say, as a committed Democrat and firm believer for the rule of law and democratic ideas,  our party is set up to be organized and regulated by law and our constitution, it is my believe that whatever we do should be in accordance with our laws and constitution, Atiku said.

He added that, if Ayu should be removed, it should follow the setup laws for such to take place.

What people should understand is that, the body saddled with such responsibilities for his removal from office has passed a vote of confidence on him, he added.

Atiku Abubakar the former vice president also said the nation is in pain with multidimentional issues, such as insecurity, economic problems, disunity and mutual mistrust and educational dislocations amongst other.

“I have plans to address this issues and I graciously grabbed this ticket to lead our party in next year’s presidential elections, with the singular mandate to salvage our great country from all this ills.

It is on this ground that i am reaching out to every single member of our great party to join me for the massive undertaking which is required to reset the ship of state and help rebuild our country.

Atiku further said “Every single person who has this country at heart as i do, needs to put up the hard work for us to regain our nation. This includes all members of the PDP

It is on this light, therefore, i urge those members of our party who have state their resolve to withdraw from the presidential campaign council to rethink, retrace their steps and join us for this effort.

On this note, it is time to move on with the formidable tasks of nation building which is ahead of us, Atiku concluded.

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