UK Approves New Visa Entry For Top Universities

World top universities graduates will now be able to apply for a UK visa under a new visa sheme.

The UK government says, these “high potential individuals” rout, will be open from Monday, 30,May, 2022 will attract “the brightest and brilliant” early in their career.

This scheme will be available to alumni of the top non-UK universities who have graduated in the past five years.

These graduates will be eligibility irrespective of their birth place and there will not be any need for job offer before applying.

Successful applicants will be given work visa which will last for two years for Bachelor’s or Master’s degree, and three years with Phd holders.

Long term employment Visas will be available with certain requirements.

To be eligible, candidates must have attended one of the top 50 universities of atleast two of the Times Higher Education World University Rankings, the Quacquarelli Symonds World University Rankings or World or the Academic Ranking of World Universities in the year of their graduation.

List of eligible universities from,2021, Published by the government online, featured 20 universities including Harvard, Yale, and MIT.

17 qualifying institutions also includes, the university of Hong Kong, University of Melbourne, and di Paris Sciences et Lettres University.

This scheme follows new change, foreign nationals can stay and work in Britain instead of leaving after their programs.

Chancellor Rishi Sunak say: “The route mean the UK can grow as a leading international hub for innovation, creativity and enterpreneurship.

We need them here to build tomorrow, today, ” that’s the more reason we are asking students to take advantage of tbis incredible opportunity to forve their careers here. “

The Visa which will cost £715 and also immigration  health surcharge, a fee that will allow migrants to the UK to use the NHS.

Graduates can also come along with their families, though they must have a maintenance funds of at least £1,270.

The applicants will need to pass security and criminality check, eligible in English to atleast the B1 intermediate level, which will show proof of fluency and proficiency in English

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