Queen Eunice Clarice On Her Reign

Eunice Clarice the current Face Of Glitz Africa Queen is very passionate about Championing for most young upcoming models so that they would reflect their confidence in hers, as a young girl from a small town called mufulira who stood tall with all her strength and much confidence to fight and work hard in order to pursue her goals and dreams by believing in herself.

Her greatest ambition is to be a pediatrician in future. She moves listening to music, dancing, traveling and anything that involves modeling and fashion.

In an interview with harriet, she speaks on all the circumstances sorrounding her emergence and how she intend to utilize her reign.

Her excerpts;

Congratulations Eunice, you made it to the finish line, can you briefly describe your experience during this process?

It was an overwhelming experience to push and keep working towards my greatest passion during face of glitz pageant rehearsals with only faith ,hope and determination of fulfilling not only the promise l made to people who believed in me but also to the fact that through everything l never allowed anything to break or unquestion the confidence l had in myself.

Having won as Queen on my first pageant has really given me much determination to always work hard,not be afraid to take risks or fail in the process but to always keep fighting and taking action for what you really want and need in life.

What advice do you have for the upcoming who now look up to you for inspiration? 

My Advice to most young upcoming models:is please never allow people’s opinion towards your life be the leader towards your dream always fight with much confidence and determination for what you really love cause the guarantee of giving up soo easily is that what you want will never happen so why quit or give up.

Now that you are a Queen, what are your plans during your reign?


Queen Eunice Clarice
Queen Eunice Clarice on her reign. 

During my reignreign am determined to use my title to work with as many orphanage projects,Health and prevention projects and especially Raise a voice on mental health advocate in most African countries and communities which many would agree with me that they are not really the most topics and factors looked and worked on in Africa  l believe that for every child,youth,man and woman to have a good personality and be able to work and fulfill His or her Dreams ,Healthy life and Good well programmed personal mental Health are keys and Aspects to ones Dream fulfillment.

How do you intend to achieve such huge projects?

When l was young my greatest Dream was to be a paediatrician and own an orphanage oneday so l intend to archive these projects by first visiting most young and unprivileged people In orphanages and community to help give and teach the knowledge l have about (health prevention,Good menstrual Hygiene,personality disorders,Non pharmacological treatment l can manage to offer through my COG experience Diploma,ETC) So l pray and hope that with the help of the First and second Runner up for face of Glitz Africa 2022 Felistus and Dennis together we shall work hard to fulfill and help out the most May God Bless us All through this journey.

Tell us that feeling of being a Queen. 

Queen Eunice Clarice on red carpet
Queen Eunice Clarice on red carpet

The feeling l have felt from moment l was crowned is much joy and relief knowing that what l worked on,prepared with much effort even though l was always Nervous because it was my first pageant had paid off in the end with unconditional congratulations awaiting for me in future honestly winning face of glitz has given me much courage and hope to continue giving out action on everything l want or would like to go for(No one is ever ready,if you love and think of it just go for it


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