PRESS RELEASE: Mature Justice Movement Kick Starts The 2023 elections campaign

Today the official campaign for the 2023 General Elections begins. And as a democratic campaign organization, we are prepared for the campaign. Also, we are prepared to adhere to the tenets of the game as well as adherence to the dictate of the law governing electioneering in Nigeria.

The 2023 elections are certainly an unusual one. The introduction of the BVS by INEC, the reactivation of the labor party, and the interest of the youth in charting a democratic cause for our country instructively render the election more competitive, aggressive, and fierce. As a campaign group in All Progressives Congress(APC), we out to showcase our stride in the past and further our political marriage, with our people as the centerpiece of our actions. We are ready for an issue-based campaign devoid of frivolities, trivialities, silliness, absurdity, and witlessness.

In the past, we have led our people from where they were and given them middle-class opportunities. And today, if given the mandate we are ready to institutionalize the safety net that propels our people from ordinary sedentary farming communities to an agro-cottage industrial hub with vast opportunities for commerce and technology. Our legislative agenda will be centered on massive economic advancement, youth empowerment, and agribusiness development through a robust legislative framework. We shall enhance our collective being in our deliberate approach to see to the needs of our people. We shall pursue robust peace development and unity among our communities and lead the charge toward showcasing our potential in tourism and aid the establishment of tourism nucleic in our constituency. This, we shall bring to bear through strategic analysis in an open campaign as the campaign commerces. Our official campaign itinerary will be made open soon.

This election, particularly in Ikom/Boki Federal constituency is between the APC and the APC. And our people shall be the deciding element. Nevertheless, those on the other side without proper organization and defective configuration who cannot fix a simple internal infraction should not be taken seriously. The election is a serious business. And those who are indicating interest in the context must be seen as worthy of the people’s trust, confidence, and belief. A political party like the PDP that is yet to deal with the issue of who its candidate is in the Ikom/Boki contest should not be allowed to lead. A party that in the past has led us into the political abyss, emptiness, and abysm should not be trusted again. At a moment like this or perhaps at a moment where the people become the central point of politics and power the African proverb, Bune Bukpedeng Ke-Kise Ne Bubikiji translated to mean a good dance make good steps from the inside before stepping out becomes very instructive and enlightening. Heretofore, the PDP has shown evidence of poor dancing steps in Ikom/Boki in the past 8 years they should be rejected at the pool.

As INEC stricks the political gavel today, paving way for the commencement of campaigns, we are ready for the campaign. And we are ready to lead our people. We are ready to chat about a new cause for the advancement of our communities. Let our people sustain the bond we share. Even as we are ready to renew our social contract with them.
We have with us our blueprint armed in our hands. Our marshall plan is visible. And in the next 2 years, if given the mandate we all will see it together.
Let the campaign begins but devoid of acrimony and calumny. We are ready.


Director, Media/Strategic Communications,
Mature Justice Movement.

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