OPTIMISM AND ENTHUASISM – The Young Kenya Digital Marketer And Content Creator Takes Us On A Journey 

Ogweno Bathel also known as Lee is 22 years old from Kenya. He describes himself as a highly motivated management professional who is determined in his work to steer up his goals. As a creative and passionate digital and content creator, he believes that pumping out great content is part of the game if you hope to remain top of mind and wallet within today’s consumers.

In an interlocution with him, he sketch out his journey and his path towards success and he says that it hasn’t been an easy one at all. In his words he said, “My career path is a little bit tricky due to job scarcity in Kenya but for now I do content creation and digital marketing”
In a confabulation with our reporter to dig deep into his (Lee) career, the following questions were posed to him and he responded as follows;

At what age did you decide to be a content creator and a digital marketer and what are your career aspirations?

Digital marketing has been my dream job since my infancy in Kenya, because I would always steal my mum’s phone and go to Google and yahoo, so I always wish to see my content online one day. My career aspiration is that one day I want to flashback on my hustle and scuffles and be delighted of how I tried everything to achieve it.

Tell us your achievements since you began this career path?

My biggest achievement is that I’ve managed to help out businesses grow and dilate their market boundaries through my online marketing skills and developing/managing their websites and social accounts. I’ve also sold out brands such as celebrity brands and helped them gain more genuine followers and likes through my contents and this makes me happier.

Nice, what are some of the challenges you are faced with?

My biggest challenge is that sometimes followers might not turn up as expected and budgeted for. I don’t like being persuaded so much because I believe that if you want something to be done perfectly always be slow and sure.

What skills are the most crucial in succeeding in this career?

Some of the skills required in this career include the following;
• Coding
• Data analysis
• Content creation
• Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing(SEM)
• Basic designs ideas
• Good communication skills
• Knowing social media metrics and algorithms

What is the best advice you can give to someone who wishes to venture into being a content creator and digital marketing out there?

Never be too optimistic and always expect disappointments but never give up. If you have passion and the ability to do it then go for it. Just remember that God rewards those who believes in themselves and work smart. “WELCOME TO THE INDUSTRY”

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  1. May your hustle come to be fruitful as you venture in this industry and as you learn and pursue different digital/marketing skills.
    I will to cherish every success in your career journey and for the long friendship we’ve built despite all the challenged we have encountered.
    Once again, congrats.

  2. Hatari …seen you do inspire many young men. The thing has seen in you Ogweno is, that you do set goals beyond your reach so you always have something to live.


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