No Authentic Candidate Yet For Ikom/Boki Federal Constituency, See Evidence

As drama for who becomes the authentic flag bearer of the Ikom/Boki constituency seat continues, evidence has emerged that aspirants didn’t agreed on any concensus and as such the primaries remains inconclusive.

However after it was gathered that the Governor hand picked an aspirant to represent the Boki/Ikom people, some aspirants has gone ahead to congratulate the imposed candidate, some are threatening to sue while some are already on their way to appeal. 

The question that is begging for an answer is, after the above signed agreement, did the aspirants converge for another agreement to adopt the proposed concensus Aspirant?

In a recent development, the APC Chapter Chairman of Boki Local Government Area, Mr Kelvin Njong has set up a committee to interface with all the aspirants in a a way to settle their grievances and to find a way to move the party forward.

This move is not far fetched as the party is seeking for all means to avoid litigation in future.

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