MY STORY: The Young Creative Overcoming Financial Constraints And Impacting The society

On today’s tell your story series, Malcom a you Kenya innovative speaks on how he intend to impact the society through innovation. 

Malcom is a blogger, photographer, scriptwriter and a model
Malcom is a blogger, photographer, scriptwriter and a model

Malcolm Odhiambo Ngesa, is  19 years old from Nairobi, Kenya. He describes himself as young and gifted creative, I’m a creative director, Photographer, Fashion Model and a blogger.

He takes serious every opportunity that he find. Of recent he came across post of,
“MODEL OF THE MONTH POSE CHALLENGE” and found it interesting.

While craving to get more information on how to be a participant, he found himself being interviewed by agent.

Some of his creative works
Some of his creative works

Malcom who have been blogging for the past three months and have been working on matters concerning Creativity and how  the youths can grow through Creativity.

In his words he said;

In our current African society we are blessed with young people who are gifted and talented with different creative minds. So I base my blogs on creatives and creativity.

Malcom who finished his high school education last year, April 2021 and scored  a grade of C- in his final examination, started Photography a few years ago in 2016 while he was 13years.

He explained how he started learning Photography through his friend who only taught him the basics of photography.

In 2018 he started venturing deeply into the Photography world and he taught himmself though the internet the main course of professional photography and continued doing his practical with his friends camera.

After high school he wanted to pursue Film and media production but due to lack of school fees to join the university and continue with his studies he failed to join.

Lack of school fees didn’t stop him from doing what he loves and getting to his dreams, he decided to go wide on Creativity.

Malcom got himself into the modeling industry, learned the basics of modeling through the net and have been been working on himself.

Now I can say I grow myself each day, he claims.
Malcom also involves in scrpt writing, writing short-film scripts, documentaries and he also direct his photoshoot sessions.

He owns a blog and all the contents he  posts on his page are all created by him with the help of his friends

My main aim as a Creative is I hope to not only grow alone but also grow with as many as possible fellow young Creatives in Africa.

Malcolm’s biggest motivation are his friends and fellow young Creatives he  come across,

Seeing the struggles and how we work smart and help each other grow to get to our dreams.
But the best thing about creativity and what keeps me going is that Creativity is endless and I can never run low on Creativity.
The fact that Creativity is God given,I will always do my best to become the best.


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