My Skin Bullying Experience, Career – Ayen .

Model Ayen Monics
Model Ayen Monics. 

Ayen monics a south sudanese born and raised and schooled in Kenya,before going to Uganda for higher Education, joined the modeling Industry when she was 16 years old.

She has been opportune to travel to different African countries and Europe.

 I got motivated by a friend or they see a stranger that I met and he enlightened me and gave me the courage to keep on doing what I love as much as I came from a strict family I decided to chase my dreams without thinking about who will stop me.

Ayen first competition was a pageant that was held at school miss.merinda teen that later on was held outside the school and she won, she then went futher to attempt africa in nigeria where she was 2nd runners miss STA and she came 2n

As we all know nothing is easy even modeling it’s not easy it was actually a good experience because I got to learn how to deal with different situations and also I learned how to at least bear with some situations and I would say it was a positive and also negative experience because I did under go bullying beacause of my skin colour but i kept going

When asked if the Skin bullying was out  Africa, her reply will touch every reader;

Not really mostly in kenya, i was born and raised here in kenya and it was really hard fitting in

The fact that my fellow africans made me feel insecure under my own skin is absured
I was made to feel as though being a dark skinned girl was an abomination
I did try bleaching due to insecurities and self hate. 
It was hard everyday having to walk around and someone had an opinion of your skin colour i was called different names eg monkey, charcoal, Satan and other words

Ayen did her level against all odds to move on. When asked how she got over it and  how she was able to cope over the years given her achievements thus far;

Ayen said ; Well as much as I hated myself back then I learnt to accept the fact that i will always be black and not everyone will love that
So acceptance came first then endurance and then self love came in and i worked on myself and now I’m at a place i can inspire and uplift someone going through what i went through for as we all know everyone handles situations differently. 

She went on to explain ;

would say it was one of the things that made me unique but I couldn’t see it back then, i am doing alot to encourage other black girls going through what i went through.

Like awareness, usually when I have to speak to girls younger than me or my age what I emphasize on is self love because this is the only this that makes you change your perspective abt yourself into a positive way
And never wait for anyone to push you to chase your dreams

On fashion, Ayen  have her own brand that deals with designs and shea butter, though she have worked with upcoming brands before owning her own.

Ayen Monics, Fashion brand
Ayen Monics, Fashion brand. 

My brand is an African print designs but we designed them in the modernized way that we can wear them in any occasion. 

She is quite experience she have learned at a young age and have been exposed to both positive and negative things.
In few years, she sees herself settled and satisfied with her walk in the fashion industry and also in the process of uplifting other models and other children out there to change their dreams. that would be a satisfaction and settlement,she said.

Adut akech, is my role model because she comes from The refugee camp and she decided to go out there and make our country shine you know and that’s what really makes me love her and she’s really encouraging a lot of young girls to engage themselves in the modeling industry and to always keep on going because it’s harsh.. 

The beautiful Kenya born Sudanese model, Ayen Monics
The beautiful Kenya born Sudanese model, Ayen Monics

Ayen advice to the upcoming models is discover yourself as a person before you decide to become a model or if you are a model always be mentally prepared for the harsh outcomes because nothing comes easy your sweat makes you as a person and that nothing is impossible in this world you can conquer anything that you so desire or you so dream of and also that keep praying because God is the only person who will listen to you continuously
And to her fans out there; Never give up even if it pains,even if it gets hard n lonely

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  1. You have gone thru alot..but all that was the basis of who u proudly are today . all the things u went thru have shaped u into the confident upcomin super hot unique model n influencer that iam so proud of…no one should ever feel low for bein black..its actually beautiful and a privillage to be black because ” its from Black that all other colours emerge”

  2. aaw! Such a strong wonderful woman.. Keep up girl your are encouraging young youths out there.. So i quote.. “Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game.”–

  3. Such a strong wonderful woman.. Keep up Ayen your are encouraging young youths out there.. So i quote.. “Neva let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game.”–

  4. She might be tinny from the look but this young lady is visionary and got a big heart for all, keep outdoing you Ayen!!


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