Miss Tranquility Kenya Made A Mistake That…

Miss Tranquility Kenya.
Miss Tranquility Kenya.

Armylies Nyongesa(Miss Tranquility Kenya), aged 23 years old is a great lover of fashion who believes she can be whoever she wants to be as long as she works hard and believe in God and never fail until she gives up. In an interview with our reporter the following questions were posed to her and she responded in the following ways;

So what do you do as a career?

My life is a little bit complicated right now. I’m a student pursuing economics and statistic at Kenyatta University and besides that I’m a mother of boy named Shawn Claus. I’m a model and self-employed worker at the same time because I have to work tirelessly to make sure I balance in all areas and my baby Shawn is very comfortable.

What made you fall in love with modelling?

The uniqueness in the senses of fashion made me complete my daily look and runaway. As I walked down the runway I feel like a queen I am because it gives me a platform to showcase my fashion sense.

What are some of your achievements in the modelling industry?

Some of my recent title achievements are;
• Miss tranquility Kenya 2022/2023
• Miss Autism Kenya 2022/2023 first runners up
• Miss Change Nairobi 2022/2023 second runners up
• Miss Kenyatta university 2021/2022 first runners up
• Miss Economics Kenyatta University 2020

What inclines your modelling industry?

What inspires me more in modelling is that modelling brings out the best in me. It hides my weakness and brings out the best in me and exposes the queeness in me.

What is it like being a beautiful young mother and a queen in the modelling industry?

Out of the mistakes I have made in life, being a mother is the best mistake I ever did which turned out to be a blessing to me. I would love my son watching me practice in the house and telling me wow mum is enough compliment for the day. He’s my number one fun and I have never at any point wanted to fail him.

What don’t you like about your career?

I’m not pleased with the fact that people reprobate modelling therefore most of them views models as sluts. In fact most people misuse models and at some point thinks that models are capable of doing anything dirty simply because they can walk courageously in a bikini. No people should change their perspective on models.

As miss tranquility Kenya briefly share with us what tranquility is all about. 

First of all from definition tranquility means peaceful state. As miss tranquility Kenya I advocate for peace, love and unity during this election period and I take this opportunity to urge all Kenyans to join hands and pray for Kenya for a peaceful election.

As a miss tranquility Kenya, what would you tell the youths not only in Kenya but Africa as a whole?

As miss tranquility Kenya, I do encourage all youths not only in Kenya but my continent the beautiful Africa to always follow their dreams. No person is limited and if you yearn for something go for it, you got you as a full support system.

What skills are most crucial to the modelling industry?

Apart from confident being the key, your walk, smile, turns, body movements, poses, hand movements and head focus are the crucial keys in modelling

What are some of the challenges you experience in the industry?

Being a single mother is one of the most challenging things I have faced in the industry. I have to make this right to everyone, being a single mother does not mean you are immoral. It means you are the strongest version of yourself to fight for two lives and still succeed. You are a conqueror and you should always walk high shoulders.

What is your present impact to the society as a queen?

As a queen, I mentor people and encourage them never to install giving up in their vocabularies because as a queen you never fail until you give up, so keep pushing until you make it. It is possible and you can do it.

What is the best bit of advice you have for someone looking to move to this industry?

I would advise anyone who wants to move to this industry to go for as long as she/he has a passion she/he will definitely grab it.

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