Julio Macharia, A Buoyant Fashion-plate

On this week innovatives and creatives, Harriet of Glitztv speaks with a young entrepreneur, who has gone a long way to impact his immediate community through fashion. 

Julio Macharia
Julio Macharia

As the saying goes, ideas rules the world. You never can tell what particular idea can motivate someone to change and impact the society positively.

Julio Macharia is a young hipster who started his vogue in the year 2015. He is the CEO of JK APPAREL

Julio Macharia, CEO of JK APPAREL
Julio Macharia, CEO of JK APPAREL

which is located in the CBD of Nairobi.

JK APPAREL is a cluster of couturier who make copper-bottomed formal outfit and accessories who also believes in the customer’s priority and satisfaction. Besides fashion Julio is a nutritionist by profession in an overall he’s a business man.

Julio’s intrigue in fashion is driven by self-passion for fashion. His major inspiration comes from elegant gentlemen who inclines him to perfect on his skills in the fashion industry. Currently he is focused on men’s wear but he’s optimistic that when the business becomes distended he will commence ladies collection.
So far Julio has achieved the following over the past years; laying down a foundation of Clientele throughout the past 6 years, sprucing up few celebrities in music videos, having various TV interviews including Citizen and NTV, beautifying models, had their first 2020 red carpet Gala which was very successful.

Julio Macharia on a perfect outfit that matches his style
Julio Macharia on a perfect outfit that matches his style

His biggest challenge in the industry is non-fulfilment to deliver in a specific date and time because he believes that failure to this, you lose a lot. Besides the challenges, Julio is sanguine to be the next fashion icon in the world and everyone will be admiring to wear his collections.

In his words,

“To anyone who wishes to be a fashionista should make sure he/she has perfected on his/her skills and when someone decides to try out his/her work, he/she should deliver in time and what agreed with the client. That’s basic”

The cute fashionist, Julio Macharia
The cute fashionist, Julio Macharia.

Just as life itself has its huddle, so it is with invation, creativity etc. One must keep on working to improve with time. Time they say is of essence.

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