Joy Saiton, A Maasai Tribe Taking Her Fashion Career To Next Level

Joy Saiton is a Kenyan model aged 22 years old.

Joy Saiton
Joy Saiton

She pursued fashion and design at first and currently doing tourism and business management. In modelling she majors on pageantry but also do a high fashion.

In her words she delineate herself as a fashion oriented person because she believes that modelling is an art and Where art fashion is a fundamental.

She is a fashion Mogul, major in Interior decoration
She is a fashion Mogul, major in Interior decoration. 

She started modelling since she was a 15 years old. When she joined high school; State House Girls, the school supported and natured her talents.

It has been a fascinating career for her till now owing to the fact she has had a great passion for modelling.

In view of the fact that she likes giving back to the society, she started training models and kids in an academy called Miss Nadhifu.
She have faith in Glitzmodels and do believe that she will grow her modelling career to the top.

Her being a strong feminist, seeing models like Adut Aketch, Lupita and other African ladies making it to the top really inclines her, secondly considering the fact she comes from the Nomads society and Maasai to be specific, the way females are undermined really urges her to come out and be their voice of reason; She really wants them to embrace their unique passion and qualities to the world without fear.

In modelling she has chalked up 2nd runners up in her recent college; Miss Nadhifu where she trains models while in fashion industry she pursued fashion and design and graduated. In fashion industry she majors in interior décor; home furnishing.

Joy Saiton
Joy Saiton

She believes that she’s yet to meet her goals fully and she still pushing harder.
She believes more in the spirit of reciprocating to the society and fighting for gender equality.

In the next 5 years she sees herself owning a fashion house where she can dress models and also owning a modelling academy.

She urge the young people who wishes to do modelling or fashion to come out and embrace their unique qualities and passion, who knows, they might be the next eminent people in the industry.

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