How New Tax On Phone Calls Will Affect Nigerians

If you are not aware of the latest, here it is.

Nigerians will bigin payment of telecoms tax. This tax will be derived from phone calls made.

The telecoms tax is contained in the National Health Insurance bill 2021, recently signed by president Muhammadu Buhari which has been enacted into law.

The Nigeria telecommunications commission has said it is still looking into the law.

Let’s take a look on how this law is going to affect the populace;

Telecommunications tax is a means set up by the government to raise funds for the health insurance scheme of the country.

This tax will be channeled to the Vulnerable Group Fund, as part of health care reforms.

The Muhammadu Buhari government set up this Vulnerable Group Fund to Carter for less privileged and the helpless in the country.

This law is under Section 26 subsection(C) of the act, which states that the government will levy one kobo per calls made by every citizen. This means if your ISP charges 10kobo per second, every one Kobo is the levy for the health care service.

We are yet to know if the law has been effected, since it has been signed into law by the president.

Though Nigerians has not said if they have started seeing the effect of the deduction in their daily calls.

Though the head of corporate affairs, NCC, Ikechukwu Adile, said the agency is still studying the new act closely.

The Law is being studied closely, we will inform Nigerian when we are ready.

Report has it that, telco operators are complaining the negative impact this policy that is mandating citizens to pay extra 5% on phone calls.

With the current hardship in the country, the poor masses will find it difficult for to cope with with such additional charges. Experts has advised the government to look into the law critically be implimenting.

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