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A Diploma holder in Sociology from Nairobi Aviation College Kenya and looking forward to Join the Technical University of Kenya for her Mass Communication Degree come September. 

KimmyChic is a Muscian  from East Africa kenya .
She does Rnb , reggae and Dancehall Music.

Kimmy is the CEO KimmyChic Fashion FESTIVAL AFRICA
Chic has been in professionally music for over two(2) years.

Some of the challenges i faced growing in music are studio fee challenge.
And also I was still in college never had full time to do my music, and Lack of Management.

Through Social media and Networking Chic came across some entertainment companies that sponsored one of her EP with two videos and now she is working with Viclaw Records as a brand ambassador on his Merchandise products and Law water.

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She has an Ep called Take me where in that album she did a powerful song that  featured a Jamaican Legendary Reggae Icon Turbulence and she is looking forward to fly to Jamaica to do the video project with Turbulence .

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Kimmy is looking forward to perform on a big massive Eco fest show come November 2022.

Vic Law Records has gotten Kimmy Chic onto a massive live show in Sierra Leone in West Africa called ECO FEST and Kimmy Chic is very excited to show everyone what she’s got!

She also works as an ambassador of Soul kitchen international Radio Canada in kenya, she is a Fashion Model, Philanthropist, and the CEO of KimmyChic FASHION FESTIVAL and Journalist by profession
As an Entrepreneur KimmyChic is a fashion Mogul and owns an online fashion mall and a record label to empower the less fortunate Artistes and create employment opportunities.

Yes I love fashion and Modelling and I would love to take the modelling Culture to the next level especially in Africa am in the process organizing things looking for sponsors to help me launch my first fashion event here in Kenya and am looking forward to launch it in Nigeria and Ethopia when I get sponsors from this countries

On advice to upcoming artist she said; they should continue working hard and use the social media wisely as a source of marketing their musical brands it’s a way to success. My musical career changed positively through social media and am greatful for this global Network and Socialization I met new friends who came along and helped me out to reach where I am .

I love my fans around the world and am looking forward to release video projects to make them proud and dropping more good contents soon.

Chic uses the opportunity to say big up;

Glitztv is one of the best tv globally and I am a happy artiste, am so much greatful because Glitztv has given me this platform to promote my career ,its welcoming and I recommend it 100%

Kimmy can be found on social media such as Instagram, Tiktok, facebook as KimmyChic. 

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