HIT: Dont Deserve, Kruz Ft F-Jay

Kruz Ft F Jay
Hit song, Kruz Ft F-Jay.


Kelvin Chakopo (Artist) Zambia:My music comes from daily lifestyle and our way of leaving, so it’s mostly real life situation and good vibes and hit.

He plays Acoustic and lead guitar, he have some knowledge of the keyboard and the bass and he is a live performer. As a vocalist he plays with different band, Galaxy band and Nomakanjani band to mention a few.

Kruz was born on the 28th of june 1998, at the University Teaching Hospital (UTH), he started music in 2013, started out as a choral turner vocalist in school.
Then  joined a group of accapella singers in 2014, during his grade 10.

In grade 11 he joined a group of singers and start learning how to write music.

There was a time the Urbanhype had put out a open verse challenge for there Hit song “Kombola” and I emerged as the winner.
The deal was to do a song with Urbanhype, do one single of my own and get 2 Saka t shirts.
So When I recorded my first song there, the King of RnB like what I did and gave me a proposal to be under his label that’s how I signed.

Kruz type of music is multi Genre but mainly Afro beats,Afro pop folk and some RnB inspired by F Jay.

Kelvin started music In 2013 and his first single just dropped on the 14th of June

On his most recent song;

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This is a song I wrote out of seeing how relationships rarely work these days people are mostly for the money than the relationship. You can give all you have but they will still think it’s not enough while others are crying for such attention. In the we end they regret! So I wrote this so because I know people will relate.

His life philosophy; The first step to forgiveness is a double blessing.You won’t know what you been missing untill it arrives.

His manager F Jay, who doubles as his role model is the king of RnB, producer, song writer, fashion icon and an Actor in Zambia.

In the next 5 years, Kruz sees himself become the biggest thing that puts Zambia on the map.!

To my fans; I love you guys and let’s keep supporting pure art and don’t forget to like my social media platforms for more creative arts. 


Hit song, Kruz Ft F Jay
Kruz Ft F Jay
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