From Grass To Grace, The Story Of A Young Kanya Model

Model Harriet is an emerging extraordinary talent in the modelling industry. Within a short pace of time, she has proven that hard work pays. Definitely the young Kenyan model has a promising future. 

Harriet pose in a fashion show
Harriet pose in a fashion show

In an interview with our reporter, she x-rays her journey thus far, and her path towards success.

Her excerpts ;

Hello please tell us more about yourself, 

I am Hariet, 23years of age a female living in kenya. I am a professional runway, commercial and high fashion model. Have been in this industry for four years now. Besides being a model, am also a professional counselor holding a degree certificate im counseling and psychology. I love modelling, travellimg, cooking, listening and am.also passionate about charity work. I Am a straightforwarde and honest person and i believe that hardwork pays as long as you put more effort in whatever you are doing.

Nice, what made you fell in love with modelling?

Queen Harriet
Queen Harriet

First of all modelling is a platform that offers opportunity for ladies to improve their confidence, believe in who they are, appreciate their beauty and also use it advocate for different life challenges. I fell in love with modellimg because i believe that am a bold, beautiful and confident lady who can

Model Hariet
Model Hariet

seize this opportunity to also help other beautiful ladies who may feel discouraged of who they are believe in themselves and be able to overcome the daily life challenges that they may encounter in their daily lives.Modelling offers many opportunities for girls out here like Community services and educational opportunities and i want to be the face of that beautiful lady who advocates for every girls rights.

Tell us some of your achievements in the industry in the last 4 years;

Currently; focusing on the runway modelling pageantry have won several tittles: first am the currnet miss wave 360 2022/223,the current miss humanities 2022/2023, the current miss tourism Kenyatta university 1st runners up 2022/2023, the outgoing miss charity/enthusiasm Homabay county 2021/2022 and also being a former student at Kenyatta university i contestes for miss KU and became a miss ku finalist 2021/2022.
On the high fashion and commercial modelling, have worked with JK apparel and Emma ramtu fashions and designs. Recently i modelled At the noble gala night which was a high fashion event organized by Emma ramtu and Musaa who were the designers.

What is your present impact to the society as a model, not just a model a Queen?

By living a purposeful life to be a good example to beautiful ladies in my society,By committing to help the people around me the orphans, th widows, the widowers and the sick in the hospital whenever i can. Coming from a poor background, i have learned to seize every opportunity i get to help those people in need around me and As a queen i saw it fit to start a charity organization that i initiated By myself to help people i can be able to reach because i feel so glamoured whenever i see a smile on a child’s face. As a queen i believe in truth and justice so i seek honesty in every matter and i advocate for saying and speaking the truth. I love mentorship so anytime i get a chance i offer psychoeducation to my society about different life aspects and I always appreciate everyone’s equaly. Am always ready to help If am able to and always stay positive in every aspect of life. You can never be poor as long as you give.
What else do you do besides modeling?

I am a counselor at a rehabilitation centre here in Nairobi kenya, i also do writing whenever am free and i am also an ambassador of wave 360 marketing agency and i do train models too whenever i can.

Nice, where do you see yourself few years from now?

In the future I see myself knowing more about who I am, what I want and what impact I have. I also see myself knowing more about the world around me and gainimg more knowledge of what modelling entails.
What I’m doing now to accomplish that is going after the things I want. Taking risks. Challenging myself and examining my life so that I understand my reactions and choices. This includes trying different beauty pageant contests, following my desires, learning new skills, practicing a more relaxed attitude and aiming for a better work/life balance.
My biggest drive to keep going is the evidence of my life so far. Every step I have taken has sent me where I want to go because I have listened to and trusted myself. I have seen the direct impact of my decisions and I am more convinced than ever that whatever is going on in my life I have the power to change it/get through it.
I want to experience as much as possible to be able to win big ¡¡tittles like miss universe kenya and travel extra mile to go boldy, confidently and proudly present My beautiful country out there and also work for high fashion designers and agencies.

A word of encouragement to the models that look up to you.


You have the power in you to do whatever you choose. You have the power within you to be and achieve anything. #just do you

Thank you it was really really great interacting with you too am humbled;

Thank you it was really really great interacting with you too am humbled.

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