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At such a period as this in Cross River State, when is on the cliff of a tall Mountain about to be toppled off, many are of us are convinced that the spotlight should be beamed on individuals who can commandeer the nation off this cliff and take them to a more balanced position with positivity and inclination towards the inclusion of its people, the unification of the populace, all done with fairness and equity. It was Ralph Waldo Emerson who said that “Our chief want is someone who will inspire us to be what we know we could be.” Consequently, prior to the 2023 governorship elections in Cross Rivers state, one politician who has remained on the lips of many is the former lawmaker, Prince Bassey Otu.

Otu has demonstrated far beyond standards that he holds the proficiency to motivate enthusiasm in the people. He stood for the Calabar Municipal/Odukpani constituency of Cross River State, Nigeria in the Federal House of Representatives from 2003 – 2011. He then was swiftly elected as Senator for Cross River South in the April 2011 elections, contesting on the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) system. He is a professional in the game, and seeing that his time with the PDP was done, he swiftly defected to the APC, maintaining his values of courage, loyalty, and love for people. His followers steady behind him, and even winning more to his side, he arose to become the Cross River South Senatorial flag bearer of the party in the 2019 election. The University of Calabar Alumni was employed in the banking sector and then switched to the oil and gas sector before he came fully into politics. He also fiddles with farming.

He has rendered impeccable service and has in his bags, an infallible lineup of experience in followership, leadership, humanity, selflessness, and the ability to make things work for the better. Within the time that he was the Representative of the Calabar Municipal/Odukpani constituency (2003-2011), he was Chairman, of the House Committee on Petroleum (Upstream), Vice Chairman, House Committee on National Population, and a member of committees on Power, Ministry of Niger Delta, Inter-Parliamentary Relations, Inter-Intra Party Relations, Environment, Water Resources, and Defense. In the role of the Chairman of the House of Representatives Committee on Petroleum Resources (Upstream), he spearheaded ventures on a draft modification bill that would restructure the Petroleum Technology Development Fund to become a more efficient vehicle to expand local capacity in the oil and gas industry. The Senator of the Federal Republic also enforced productive delivery and funded the Nigerian Content Development Act, which today has turned the petroleum sector around and has put food on the table of many Nigerians. This will soon be replicated in Cross River State.

On entrance into the Senate, he was immediately elected the Chairman of, the Senate Committee on Finance and later Chairman of, the Senate Committee on Banking and other Financial Institutions; he was also a member of, the Committee on Navy, Power, Petroleum, and Water Resources. His influence at the Senate is stated by many to be to date phenomenal; his name is equivalent to the human franchise and societal advancement, which actually ushered in his endorsement for re-election by the Buhari Youth Organisation. In 2018, Otu was elected to the committee of the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) by President Muhammadu Buhari. He is a recipient of numerous awards, both nationally and internationally. He holds an outstanding dogma, “I joined politics for service to humanity”. And he has proven this to be apparently true, as his history of achievements in the areas of empowerment is unparalleled. Some of which are Award of land documents and monetary assistance to build, car awards, scholarships, etc. Many of which are yet to be broken or outdone by any other. Senator Otu is happily married to Mrs. Eyoanwan Bassey Otu and the marriage is honored with children.

He has tossed his hat into the ring for the seat of the number one position in the state because he is equipped, beyond a reasonable doubt, to construct an enabling atmosphere that can accelerate the much sought-after shift in the state. And he is, without a doubt, the best man for the job. Even though his sojourn in politics has had him move from the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) to the APC, his followers remain loyal, because he still retains his ideology which is to deliver adequate governance for the totality of the state, and he has plans ready to be set in motion that will influence the lives of the entire populace, of the state. John C. Maxwell quipped; A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way. Otu has proven himself to know that way, and he is taking the steps to go that way. The best we can do now is to let him show us that way.

A true leader does not search for consensus but molds it himself. Since he arose as the governorship nominee for the All Progressives Congress (APC), his profile has soared astronomically. Popularly known as Sweet Prince, he has endured excessive embarrassment in the nation’s political domain. But like a natural fighter, he has always come out victorious and has continued to gain more supporters and loyalty. Otu is absolutely a force to reckon with. This is demonstrated as he has become a reference case and a giant in the game today. His residence today has become some holy ground of some sorts stopped by daily by his admirers and supporters.

Nura Otu Oshibu write from the forest hills of Boki .Cross River State.

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