Democracy In Nigeria , A Transfer Of Civic And Constitutional Rights To The Highest Bidder – Bisong Joshua A


As we surf the political ocean, it is worthwhile we tell ourselves the truth and accept the unfolded reality, that If we must jostle for any public office, money must be the center stage of that political activity because the delegates, electorates and voters have proven beyond reasonable doubts that good manifestos, credibility and competency are insufficient conveyance for electoral successes and as such, they will rather kowtow to the monetary axis as the required panacea in facilitating any political sojourn towards a reasonable outcome.

Through out our democratic experience, the tenon of ancient and modern democracy has been mixed with a substance that subtract the core components of democracy.

Democracy being a proponent of the reverend Abraham Lincoln who was an American lawyer, and a statesman coined the term to be, government of, by and for the people and not a war of dollars where natural and constitutional rights go to the highest bidder.

It is sad that the democratic norms of our political Parties are gradually eroding and have constantly been assaulted by the disassembling influence of money politics. moreover when conscience is absent, in a nation, everyone is at risk (Tony Evans).

The unfortunate descent of the default bridge builders (Delegates) between good and bad governance is gradually tilting towards the path of moral bankruptcy. If good governance is measured based on economic dominance then the perplexities confronting our electioneering process will Incidentally give bad governance a prominent posture in the Nigeria polity.

Bad governance is prevailing because the electorates do not posses the virtue to withstand the highest bidder, and If we don’t clean up our electoral system, we will continue to progress in error and money politics will be a major determinate of who govern us. Nevertheless, when much is spent during the electioneering season, much will be recouped when he/she gets into power.

Amidst all of these, the youths are caught in a crossfire and suffer most by these diverse unpleasantries, thus; making them victims of circumstance. The poor internal democratic practice, money politics and unquenchable gullibility of political leaders has further juxtaposed the position of youths that are seeking leadership positions, or can the youths of good conscience match these party elites and political gladiators who have been in government from 1999-the present day financially?, the financial implications that is required to sway the minds of delegates is of serious disadvantage to the supposed leaders of today. Issues such as these, calls for a reform of the electorial process otherwise the unfitted growth of partisan politics will continue to gerrymander the leadership prospects of Nigerian youths.

Bisong George A, writes from Calabar the Capital city of Cross River State.

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