DEFILEMENT: Court Refuse Baba Ijesha Bail

High court in Lagos state Nigeria refused to grant bail to convicted Nigerian actor Olanrewaju James AKA Baba Ijesha.

On July 2022, Justice Oluwatoyin Taiwo court sentenced the actor to five years imprisonment for defiling a minor.

But in early September, his lawyer Olabiron Joel approached the  court to grant the actor suspended prison sentence pending when Appeal court will hear his appeal.

The lawyer says his client has appeal the conviction and sentencing before an appeal court, however the court is yet to fix a date for the hearing.

Section 6 of the amended 1999 constitution of Nigeria says a person can be granted bail after conviction and sentencing if he/she appeal.

Section 51 of the Administration of Criminal Justice Law ACJL of Lagos state 2015 empower courts to admit any person to bail either unconditionally or based on reasonable conditions.

But Justice Taiwo said though she has the discretional power to grant bail, the court will decline the bail application.

This means the actor will continue to serve his jail term till the appeal court fix a date for the hearing.

The Court  find Baba Ijesha guilty on four out of six count charges level against him by Lagos state government

Aside defilement of a minor, other charges  includes indecent treatment of a child, sexual assault and attempted sexual assault by penetration.

The Defence lawyer, Dada Awosika [SAN] and Prosecutor counsel, Prince A Olabiran and their teams argued the matter for months.

Justice Oluwatoyin Taiwo said though the case has attracted much media attention, the court must look for proves of the offence beyond reasonable dout.

Baba Ijesha face six count of sexual assault of one 15-year-old girl.

According to the prosecutor, Baba Ijesha had assaulted the girl seven years ago.

The government lawyer claims this happened 7 years ago.

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