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Ndemo Micah, a photographer, artist and a chef.
Ndemo Micah, a photographer, artist and a chef.

Ndemo Micah is 24 year old born Christian from a humble background. He believes that he was born to change every story of his life to positive impact. He is a high fashion and a commercial model, an actor who got the privilege to appear in local films, a script writer and above all a chef and a paparazzo. He narrates that his career path has never been an easy but all in all it needs courage and self-trust to emerge victorious. In an interview with our very own reporter, the following quizzing were posed to him and he responded as fallows;

As a photographer do you own a photo studio and inclines your paparazzo session?

I’m a free lenser photographer and what inclines me as a paparazzo is to capture the natural beauty of a client.

In reference to what you said earlier that besides being a fashion and a commercial model, you are also a chef, so what’s your favorite dish you would want to prepare all the time?

Chinese dishes like Chinese rice and Chinese chicken.


Chef Micah

What are some of your achievements as a model and an actor?

I won a lot of pageant crowns, feature on TVs adverts such as infinix adverts and also meeting up with amazing actors that I never imagined I’ll ever meet and work with. Lastly, I featured on local films such as Kina on Maisha Magic East, SCARS on UTV

What are your career hankerings?

My career hankerings is to venture in doing what I’m good at and I really have inclination to be featured in a billboard. For me acting has been part of me since I was in class four, so it’s something that is in me no matter what. I realized I could do Script writing when I was in class eight; when I used to give my writings to young acting crew and it was loved by audience. I love fashion, so I’m always on the run to incline people on my dressing. I just want to create a good impact in terms of my career to people out there and to be respectful.

What do you like about your career and what are the biggest challenges are you experiencing in your career?


What I like about my career is that it’s broad, I can really earn good money from them and the biggest challenge I have experienced so far is that you work but not being paid as promised.

What is your present impact to the society?

Actuating youths that they can achieve all their oneiric one after the other if they trust in their progress and remember that others are also looking up unto you.

What is the best advice you can give someone who is looking for a move to this area?

I would advise them to credence in God and bear in their minds that nothing comes on a silver platter and one has to fall and rise up again without throwing in the towel and everything else will fall into place.

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