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Sudanese Kenya base designer,CHOL.
Sudanese Kenya base designer,CHOL.

Chol, Aged 25 years old is South Sudanese based in Nairobi, Kenya. CHOL is an optimist who works with Energy and Enthusiasm, besides that, he is a model who sees himself as a stylist because he gives credit that with fashion and style, fashion is what you can  buy but style is what you do with it. In a rap session with our reporter he says that he loves it when fashion brings out the best in him. Some of the questions posted to here with our reporter included the following;

Sudanese Kenya base designer,CHOL.
Sudanese Kenya base designer,CHOL.

Apart from being a stylist and a model, what else do you do?

Apart from being stylist and a model I’m also an entrepreneur and an interior designer too.

What prompted you to go for modeling and fashion industry?

First of all, fashion is something I have always been passionate about since I was a bairn and this buoyed me up to hit the runway and that was the beginning of everything.

What inclined you a lot in fashion world?

First of all you’ll acquiesce in me that dressing people is a flex, creativity part too is really a big stepping stone of every level in the industry and the diversity that the fashion industry has to satisfy males and females.

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 year?

In the next five years with the sense of fashion increasing and the technology that is giving fashion industry an upper hand, my name would be a big name on the globe map. Presumably a creative director in some big company. In the next five years I would have inclined many people and also I’ll have some designers that I will bring up.

What are some of challenges you experienced in this career?

Some of the challenges includes lack of enough sense of fashion from esteem customers ergo, lack of appreciation of the work being done by the designers. Fashion industry being dominated by foreign design, most people want to settle for cheap another challenge is financial constraint and above all it’s time consuming and tiresome.

What does it take to be a fashionista and what does fashion really means?

First of all one has to understand what it means to be a fashionista, secondly one’s sense of fashion must come from within no compromise. One should be ready and thirsty to embrace any style that fashion comes with and lastly a devoted follower of fashion sums it all up. Fashion and style seems to be the same but fashion is collective and style relates to and individual and that’s where ABCDENG comes in.

What kind of advice can you give to someone venturing to this industry?
Apart from the urge of get into the business, one has to have an entrepreneur’s mind and also have a vision. Making good use of technology is an added advantage since it enables one to acquire some essential requirements and it also provides market for your goods. In a nutshell fashion is an industry where one can prosper if you can withstand the wave and keep pressing on doing what you love.

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